Jeffrey Lupient Provides a Few Pointers on Successfully Growing a Car Dealership in 2024

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Jeffrey Lupient

Growing a car dealership is not always about providing customers with the best deals on automobiles. It also involves understanding the ever-evolving needs and concerns of the target audience and taking proactive steps toward meeting these requirements. Jeffrey Lupient mentions that running and growing a car dealership in the contemporary, digital-centric environment requires the implementation of innovative techniques and approaches.

Jeffrey Lupient underlines a few tips that can help grow a car dealership in the contemporary market

The automotive industry is advancing at a record pace. Hence, modern dealerships must take steps to adapt to industry changes and meet the demands of the new-age customers. A shift in the techniques used by businesses to engage with shoppers is been witnessed in multiple industries, including the automobile sector. In this situation, following these pointers are important to grow a car dealership in 2024:

  • Speak to virtual shoppers: Even though traditional marketing tools like brochures, leaflets, and newspapers still play a vital role in the manner in which dealerships engage with customers, it has become vital for those in the automotive industry to connect with virtual shoppers as well. After all, a large number of modern-day shoppers use the Internet when purchasing a vehicle. In this market, having a robust online presence has become essential for all automobile dealerships. They need to have a professional-looking, engaging and informative website that encourages the target audience to make purchases from the dealership. The website acts as an online shop for a dealership and is a key touchpoint for virtual customers. These online platforms provide potential customers with round-the-clock access to the dealership.
  • Modernize the car buying experience: Even though many car sales today start online, a large number of final deals still do take place in person, in a dealership itself. Hence, it becomes imperative for dealerships to create a modern-day car buying experience. Most customers today want the best of both worlds, and hence dealerships should try to provide them exactly that. Maintaining a seamless blend of offline and online marketing methods to engage the shoppers can be pretty effective in growing and expanding a dealership in 2024.
  • Get the dealership on social media: If a dealership is not yet on social media in some form, it would be missing out on a huge opportunity. Social media platforms provide businesses to effectively interact, engage, and ultimately sell to hundreds of people.
  • Connect with customers: The employees at a car dealership need to do more than simply try to sell a product or service. They must focus more on connecting with the customers and building strong relationships. This would result in more repeat customers. It is vital to understand that loyal customers are among the prime reflection of a successful business strategy, and car dealerships are no exception. Showing empathy, listening to the customers’ needs and requirements, and delivering exceptional customer service are a few simple yet effective ways of building long-term relationships with the customers.

In the opinion of Jeffrey Lupient, no matter whether one has just started a new dealership or is running a well-established venture, following the tips mentioned above would be a good way to grow and expand a car dealership down the line.

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