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If you are dealing with business marketing, then you must be aware that you can reach the customers in a better way if you communicate with them in their native language. But do you know the intended meaning of how to reach potential customers? Transcreation can help you reach potential customers easily. Transcreation is part of the marketing strategy of global companies, but do you know what transcreation services are?

What is Transcreation?

Transcreation is a part of translation services that you can use to translate your content in multiple languages. However, some specifications must be considered to compel people towards products and services in the marketing campaigns. Some people get confused between translation and transcreation, but there is a difference between them. The transcreation is a more challenging task, in which you recreate a piece of content in another language, considering the intent of the original message, instead of translating it word to word.

Difference Between Translation and Transcreation

 You must be curious to know what is the difference between translation and transcreation. In the translation process, words are replaced by their equivalents in another language while keeping the same meaning. On the other hand, in the transcreation process, the content is altered while keeping the intent behind the original message intact. Moreover, its tone and style must resonate with the culture of the target market. This shows that the theme of the content can be restructured even after changing the original words. In simple words, you must translate the documents with the assistance of document translation services.

But how do the professional transcreation services work? In the transcreation process, you must write a creative brief if you are developing your marketing campaign in your language. Therefore, for transcreation, you must provide a creative brief to a professional translation company so that they can understand the intended message of your marketing campaign and the entire branding of your business. Moreover, it will help them to transcribe your message. No matter, it is a project branding , social media campaign, video game, or mobile app, it recreates the message according to cultural intricacies. 

Transcreation Effects the People on an Emotional Level

Transcreation is an important part of document translation services. It affects people on an emotional level and helps to evoke the same emotions in the people as they evoke in their native language. This process is more intriguing than the translation of words and sentences in another language. Therefore, you must hire a professional translation services company with the right knowledge, skill, and experience so that they can transcreate content in such a way that it compels the specific action in the target audience.

Transcreation is the Holistic Approach

Transcreation services are not about making the words appealing in the target language. However, it follows a holistic approach and considers the graphics of the text too. For example, transcreators will guide you to use colors, icons, videos, and images in the marketing content. This situation is like resonating words with the body language of the person. Therefore, transcreation has a wider scope as it goes deeper into the meaning and emotional intent behind the message.  

It Ensures Consistent Brand Voice

Transcreation helps to keep your brand’s voice consistent. The style and tone of the marketing content resonate with the target market and they are according to the needs and preferences of the potential customers. Professional transcreation services make it possible for people to hear your voice in a foreign region with the same zeal as they hear in the local market. Transcreators can recreate consumer buying behavior. For instance, people will not go for your products and services, if you try to reach them unprofessionally and if the message does not touch their hearts. 

It Helps in SEO Improvement 

Google considers several factors to rank pages high on SEO. Some of the factors include the quality of content, traffic on the site, and consumer engagement. Apart from translation service providers, Google can also translate your online content but the challenge is that Google might consider it duplicate content and it may penalize you by blocking your site. Therefore, it is better to go for professional transcreation services. It will make the content creative and unique. Consequently, it increases the SERP ranking.

It Helps in the Proper Use of Keywords

Transcreation helps you to understand how browsers search the content on the web with the help of appropriate keywords. You can replicate the keywords in another language instead of coming up with new ones. In this way, your target audience will be ready to click on your content on search engines that seems appropriate to them. This improves the content relevance and it becomes according to the demand of the target audience. 

Importance of Transcreation in Marketing

When you want to localize your marketing content for a global audience like CTA, Logos, banners, and straplines, the transcreator keeps the content engaging after recreating it in the target language. This way, transcreation holds great significance in marketing content.

Wrapping Up

No doubt, transcreation is an important part of digital marketing, the translation companies that provide transcreation services in all facets of marketing campaigns are the strategic partners of global businesses that can spread your business across borders instantly. Moreover, people can better comprehend your brand values and what it stands for.

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