5 Powerful Facebook Feed Plugins For Your WordPress Website

By admin Oct4,2023
Facebook Feed Plugin For WordPress Website

As per the W3Techs WordPress is a CMS platform that has been used by 43.2% of websites over the internet. Most businesses use this platform for creating robust websites. 

But having a dynamic website is not enough. In this fast-paced digital world, you will also need a vibrant website presence. And thankfully, Embed Facebook feed can help you in that. 

As per DATAREPORTAL Facebook, the social media giant is home to 200 million small businesses today. It is the best place for generating new leads, product advertisements, and connecting with customers directly. 

Integrating the two platforms Facebook and WordPress lets you engage your audience to your website and Facebook page. Many of you must be wondering how both platforms can work together seamlessly. The best way for their integration is through the WordPress Facebook feed plugin

If you are someone who is in search of Facebook feed plugins then you have landed in the correct place. This blog will share with you some of the powerful plugins for boosting your web presence. 

Continue reading this article to know each of them in detail. 

Perks Of Integrating Facebook Plugin On WordPress Website 

Before jumping into the plugins have a brief look at the benefits that can be brought with the integration. Connecting your Facebook page with WordPress can help you reach your new customers and can also earn good revenue. Not only that through the WordPress Facebook feed plugin you can enjoy numerous benefits let’s get a quick look into them.

  • Organically grow followers of your Facebook business page through your business website.
  • Bring website visitors to your Facebook group that lets them interact with the engaging content of your business that you have shared.
  • Boost engagement of your website with your Facebook feeds.
  • Boost the SEO of your website through Facebook feeds.

There are thousands of plugins in the market that can help you integrate Facebook feeds with WordPress. This will help to skyrocket your business. Some of them are explained below in the blog. 

Robust Plugins You Can Use Them To Integrate Facebook Feeds On WordPress Website

Below is the curated list of some of the great Facebook feed plugins for the WordPress website. Without wasting any more time let’s begin exploring them one by one. This helps you to choose the best one as per your preference and upscale your business. 

1. Tagembed 

The first Facebook feed plugin for your business is the Tagembed. It is one of the best plugins for WordPress websites that’s why it has secured first place in the list. Tagembed is a prominent social media aggregator WordPress plugin that allows its user to collect, curate, and embed feeds from various social media networks which includes, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and many more in the list for free. With that, you can collect displaying pages, Facebook albums, profile posts, page mentions, and page reviews on your Facebook feeds. And you can able to seamlessly aggregate them with various CMS platforms like WordPress. 

There is more to offer by Tagembed WordPress plugin. It has the best customization features which let users change the whole look and feel of the Facebook feed widget. Which instantly makes your website look appealing to your visitors. 

How can we forget about the moderation feature it is the best feature offered by Tagembed. Your Facebook feeds will be under your control. You can decide which content to add and which one to remove that you want to show your visitors. You can also keep the contents of your website fresh with real-time updates. Overall Tagembed is a unique and versatile WordPress plugin for businesses. 

2. POWr.io

The next powerful Facebook feed plugin for your WordPress website is POWr.io. It comes with the great ability to edit your WordPress website by creating the best Facebook feeds. This is another free plugin that comes with different great features that let you keep your website visitors entertained and updated. 

POWr Facebook feed plugin changes your marketing game it helps you to optimize your website with interesting Facebook feeds. It highlights the trending posts on your Facebook into your website that boost the traffic of your site. This WordPress Facebook feed plugin is totally safe and secure for the users.

3. Feed Them Social

The third plugin on the list is Feed Them Social. As the name suggests this helps the user to feed the thirst of your visitors to stay updated with the latest trends. Feed Them Social creates social feeds collected from their social networking sites including Facebook and displays them on the website.

There is a limit on the number of posts that can be collected on a single feed. But you can add any number of Facebook feeds on the WordPress website as you want. This Facebook feed plugin is responsive and fully customizable as per your needs. 

4. Flow-Flow Social Stream

The fourth Facebook feed plugins for WordPress that has made its place in this list is Flow-Flow Social Stream. Remember that Facebook is not only limited to social interaction but in today’s world of the internet it can bring successful growth to your business as well. Collect your Facebook page’s posts, videos, and pictures in a feed and display them on the WordPress website to make it interesting for visitors. 

This plugin offers its users a variety of pre-defined templates according to the theme of different marketplace and shopping platforms. Let you add custom fields on the website for adding product descriptions. It has many other features as well. This WordPress Facebook feed plugin is a complete package. 

5. Smash Balloon 

The fifth plugin on the list is Smash Balloon. This will let you add Facebook feeds on the WordPress website. This one is a fully customizable WordPress Facebook feed plugin. You can easily personalize the social feeds to be displayed on WordPress.

You also get the option with the Smash Balloon plugin to edit the feeds as per the theme of the Facebook page. It provides users with a variety of social feed designs. This has also an awesome privacy feature that lets you keep content private as per your choice. And for all these interesting features you don’t require coding knowledge that is the best thing.

The End Note

Social media platforms like Facebook hold huge cruciality for your business to get noticed in the online world. Display your Facebook feeds on your WordPress Website with the help of plugins to engage your visitors. 

This blog has made your work simple by telling you about 5 excellent Facebook feed plugins. Now pick the right plugin from the above list as per your preference and show your audience what you have got. 

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