Putting Yourself on the Map: How to Add Yourself to Google Search

add me to search in google

In a fast-evolving world, making your presence online is the key to staying ahead. Many big and small businesses and brands globally have realised the importance of getting listed on Google Maps. In fact, Google Maps listing makes it easier to locate them.

If you are a business owner, looking to build something similar for your business, or want to create your own profile, this is your sign because Add Me to Search on Google allows you to build a profile for yourself or your business in Google Maps. This profile makes sure that the information is clear, accurate, and informative to the users with a thorough verification process. 

In this article, we will discuss how you can add yourself to Google search with a complete step-by-step guide.  

Importance of Online Presence

Whether you are a business owner looking to boost your reach online or a freelancer or working professional wanting to reach the right clients, using online reputation management services is the way to go. Having a strong online presence is a game-changer because, this way, your impression stays strong on your prospects and clients right from the start.

Needless to mention, building brand image also becomes a hassle-free task once you use Google’s Add Me to Search feature and actively grow your audience across social media platforms. This feature also shows your profile in Google Maps and enables them to reach you quickly. 

Benefits of Putting Yourself in Google Maps

Google’s Add Me to Search feature is no less than a blessing to users. Here are some benefits that make it a step worth making:

You Show Up In Local Search Results

Nowadays, the majority of people turn to Google first when they require a service or a product and look for the item or service they require in their neighbourhood. By setting up your profile on Google, you make it easy for prospects to reach you. 

You Can Showcase Google Reviews In Your Profile

Once a customer uses Google Maps to reach you, Google will ask them to share their experience. Their ratings and reviews will be shown to other prospects who will look you up, making it easier for you to build trust. 

You Can Share Your Ongoing Offers

It can be very difficult to get in touch with prospective clients and effectively market your goods or services as a business owner. Using Google Maps to post images, deals, and promotions for your business is a great way to grow customers. 

How to Add Yourself to Google Search: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you know the significance and benefits of building a strong online presence, it’s time to get started with the process. 

Here’s your complete step-by-step guide on using the Add Me to Search feature by Google:

Step-1: Click on Google Search Engine’s Home Page and Head to ‘Maps’

This step will take you to your Google Maps.

Step-2: Find “Put your business on Google Maps”

Once you’re done with the first step, you will find a link that says, “Put your business on Google Maps”. Click on that to head to Google Places.

Step-3: Log In Using Your Google Account

If you have an existing Google account, log in using your email and password. You can also create a new account right away by clicking on the “Create an account now” option. 

Step-4: Click on “Add New Business”

Once you are successfully logged in, the “Add New Business” option will show up on the new page. 

Step-5: Fill In the Details

On this page, you will be required to fill in all the details related to your business. This will include the name of your business, its location, postal code, phone number, official email address, website (if any), your business’s category, and so on. 

Step-6: Click on “Next” and Provide Additional Information

Once you are done with the 5th step, click on “Next” and press “Add Listing”. Make sure to include some additional information about your business, such as its hours of operation, photos and videos, payment methods accepted, etc., as it clears the majority of the doubts customers may have. 

Step-7: Click on “Submit”

After this step, Google will send you a mail or call to verify authenticity. You will be given a code during the call and be asked to type the code into a textbox. Enter the code, and your listing will be completed. 


For small businesses trying to reach out to local clients and distinguish themselves from nearby competitors, Google Maps is a crucial tool. So why wait? Increase traffic on your website and make the most of your online presence with Google Maps today!

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