Tips for Independent Houses in Greater Noida: Creating Your Dream Home

Everyone has a dream of building a lavish house for themselves as well as their family members and creating a legacy that is written down in history for generations to remember. In order to create a masterpiece of a house, we at Paramount Group, curate beautiful residential apartment projects as well as independent house projects in Greater Noida. 

These projects help you transform your utopian vision of a dream house into a reality that is in front of you. We know that building a dream house requires great effort and it does not come as easy as settling in an apartment in Greater Noida. An independent house is a huge living space which is similar to a villa or a bungalow and it is capable of housing about 9-10 family members or even more, depending upon the number of rooms and other facilities available in it. 

By referring to the term villa, we do not wish to alarm you off by considering its correlation to heavy market prices and huge advance payments for possession. Our villas are carefully developed representations of an independent house in Greater Noida and are put on sale considering the market rate and adjusted reasonably considering their overall affordability to the man of the working-class population. 

We wish to provide a lavish lifestyle to not just the prosperous and wealthy, but also the genuinely hardworking and deserving populations of Greater Noida. As compared to apartment buildings that involve sharing the living space with several other unknown people who could easily ascertain your daily habits and whereabouts, our 2 and 3 BHK villas are a safe housing space for huge families. 

For us, at Paramount Group, your safety and security along with privacy comes first and we do not attempt to make any compromises on them. Our project, Paramount Golfforeste Villas in Greater Noida is a residential township comprising lavish 2 and 3 BHK villas that are spread across an area of 90 acres. 

How Paramount Golfforeste Villas Could be Your Dream Home 

Creating your dream house based on your terms and conditions can be a huge achievement for you! By realizing this fact, we offer our 2 and 3 BHK villas/ independent houses in Greater Noida at reasonable rates and provide you the liberty to design and develop the interiors at your pace and suiting your taste. Let us look at some benefits and the various amenities that you shall be able to indulge in and take advantage of, once you invest in Paramount Golforeste Villas. 

Developed by the prestigious international architecture firm, Surbana International, we aim to provide an international standard lifestyle to all our clients. By offering elegant and classy designs of the external villas, we aim to evoke an experience of calm and tranquility in your lives.

Our villa township is located in proximity to the Noida International Greenfield Airport (Jewar Airport) and the 130-meter wide road that connects greater Noida to other localities such as Noida Extension and Noida Expressway. We thereby help you stay in constant touch with your loved ones and easily commute to your workplaces and other locations in the main city with utmost ease

By creating green fields and beautiful landscapes around each villa, we aim to protect the privacy of each client by creating ample distance between each independent house and separating them accordingly

When we say that you could design your home interiors, we truly mean it, since we offer you the liberty to customize your home by redesigning it or hiring a designer of your choice, so that you get a personal touch in your home. We therefore justify the term ‘tailor-made’ homes for you. 

Developed in a low density area, our villa township offers you the calm and peace that you have always aspired of achieving in your life. This disconnect from the hustle of the city and its resulting noise is only possible in a 2 or 3 BHK villa and not an apartment in Greater Noida, since those are cooperative living spaces and you might encounter some noises of your neighbors every now and then

We are recognized with the award of the ‘Best Society’ by the authorities of Greater Noida, since we have mastered our architectural development, infrastructure and the amount of space provided to each resident 

By offering the beautiful view of a golf course, we offer beautiful landscapes to you and the greenery around is an added delight to your eyes! 

To truly provide you with the dream lifestyle you have always looked forward to enjoying, we have a residents only club, the Grand Club Retreat that includes spacious seating facilities to host grand parties or informal gatherings. You can also enjoy delicious snacks at the in-house café.

To help you stay healthy and fit always, we have put together a jogging track that is built amongst green bushes and plantations helping you enjoy your daily exercise with a sense of purpose

To help you live the envious lifestyle that you see onscreen, we have special sauna, spa and jacuzzi facilities. After a hectic day at work, you could pamper yourself by going to the spa for a massage or simply soak in the jacuzzi or experience warmth in the sauna 

We know how much unwinding in the pool and chilling with your friends means to you and thus we have specially designed wave effect swimming pools along with LED screens to host that pool party you always wanted to. 


We, at Paramount Group, constantly aspire to design residential projects that are not just luxurious but equipped with all modern amenities for all the needs of our clients. By helping you design your dream house at Paramount Golfforeste Villas, we aim to help you enjoy life like never before in a dreamy and awe-inspiring independent house located in Greater Noida. You are just one step away from a lifestyle you have always wanted to lead! Come and make it happen with us!

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