Different types of dhoti for Indian men: Style the ethnic wear in unique ways

dhoti kurta for mendhoti kurta for men

Dhoti is an ancient and traditional Indian garment that many men still wear. It holds immense significance in Indian culture and has always been an eye-catching attire. The dhoti style has evolved over the years, and its recent adaptations have become particularly popular, marking a notable shift in draping methods. This trend is now at the forefront of men’s fashion choices, especially for those wanting to make a statement at events and weddings. Not only is it stylish, but it also serves as a connection to one’s heritage. The dhoti comes in various designs, prints, fabrics, and styles, making it suitable for various occasions. Check out some of the styles available:

Gone are the days when men only chose Western wear for parties and traditional events. Today, men wear dhoti in unique styles, enhancing their appeal and style quotient. 

Dhoti Salwar Combination

While dhotis have made a comeback in every possible way, they outshine their elegance and style when you team them with a salwar. Today’s men love to wear the dhoti salwar, and it gained utmost fame for events like Indian weddings and festivals. Available in vivid colors, fabrics, embroideries and sequins, you can style a dhoti salwar with a short shirt, kurta or t-shirt. A simple trick to look best in a dhoti salwar is to purchase a basic dhoti salwar and team it with any top you want. 

Dhoti kurta for Men

You can never go wrong with a dhoti kurta for men. It is a unique match to highlight yourself on any special occasion. Honestly versatile wear; you can choose any color kurta over a white dhoti.

Veshti Drape with a Short Shirt

The veshti drape is a traditional method of styling a dhoti, deeply rooted in South Indian culture. Typically measuring four to nine yards in length, the dhoti is crafted from silk or cotton and often accentuated with a colored border. This draping style is renowned for its distinctive elegance.

Silk Dhoti with Stole

Trying to wear something ethnic for a religious event at home? The elegant combination of colorful silk dhoti with a stole will suffice your purpose well. Choose a dhoti in chiffon or silk with a kurta or shirt to look traditional.

Dhoti with Sherwani

Another appealing combo to style your dhoti is with sherwani. You can pair any type of dhoti with sherwani. It looks incredibly happening and gives you the perfect look.

Asymmetric Dhoti with Tuxedo

The next you plan to wear a tuxedo with a spin, choose a dhoti. Yes, it works perfectly well. Pair an asymmetric dhoti in silk with your Tuxedo for a laid-back, royal look. It is undoubtedly one of the best styles to wear a dhoti.

Dhoti with Side-knot Kurta

If you want a unique kurta dhoti style, a side-knot kurta will surely give you the desired look. The combo seems ethical and will surely attract attention whenever you wear it.

The Panchakacham Drape

Majorly seen in Brahmin weddings, the drape is usually done for auspicious events. Team it with an angavastar to get a perfect look. The dhoti should be made from silk or cotton with a border enhancing its look. The pant-like drape helps the groom perform rituals efficiently at his wedding, along with garnering the attention of all the attendees for his unique look.

You can choose these unique dhoti styles whenever you next plan to wear a dhoti. Regardless of your style, dhoti is a versatile attire that can be worn in any suitable setting. Worn all over India, this awesome ethical garment should be a part of your wardrobe to give you a unique and classic look for any event you want.

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