Draw A Porcupine

How To Draw A Porcupine. Some animals look really cute and others that seem intimidating in a way that warns you not to mess with them.

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While most animals possess only one of these traits, the porcupine has the unique distinction of possessing both.

He looky cute with his small face anl paws, but thanks to the many pointed feathers on his ba,ck you don’t want to touch them.

Not only do these quills make him more intimidating, but they also make learning to draw a porcupine a lot harder.

As with any drawing challenge, it can become easier once you know what to do, and that’s what this tutorial is for.

Our step-by-step guide to drawing a porcupine in just 6 steps will show you how fun and easy it can be!

How to Draw A Porcupine

Step 1

Before we start drawing the mass of quills on its back,we’ll start with the head and front legs  in this tutorial on how to draw a porcupins.

First, draw a small, rounded shape with a dot for the eye. Next, add some rounded lines for the muzzle and some mustache lines.

For the ne,ck we draw an ear behind the eye and then the base of the neck.

Just after the neck, you can draw small front paws with small claws at the ends. Finally, draw some long, sharp lines grouped close together on the top of the head.

These will be the first quills of the porcupine, and we’laddng more quills and elements in the next few steps.

Step 2

As mentioned in the previous part of your porcupine drawing, you will attach more quills to the back in the next few step,s to build it up graduallyp.

To add the next section of feathers, we’ll drawmanyt more wavy lines with pointed tips at the topAs shown in the reference image, thesese pins will grow slightly longer over tie,ge.

Once this last section of the quills is drawn, let’s draw the belly of the porcupine. You can draw this furry bellwithme jagged lines behind the front legs.

Next, draw the first of the stocky hind legs before preparing for step 3 of the guide!

Step 3

In this third step of our How to Draw a Hedgehog guide, you’ll add even more quills to the body.

Some of these will appear on the back next to the others you drew, but the rest are on the side.

Let’s focus on the ones on the back for now. To draw the next section, just keep drawing more of the pointed lines you’ve drawn so far.

The next step requires some patience, so you might want to have a cup of tea!

We’re going to attach a bunch of quills to the side of the body and draw them using a combination of the spiky lines you drew above and some wavy lines.

They should cover the base of the body as it appears in our reference image so we can proceed.

Step 4

You really learn how to draw these pencils! In this fourth part of your porcupine drawing, we’re going to add another section of quill quills over the previous section you just drew.

The next section will be one of the largest sections you’ve drawn so far, and when you’re done all you have to do is fill in a small blank section at the top of the porcupine.

We’ll cover that last point along with all the final details in the next step of the guide.

Step 5

In this fifth step of our tutorial on how to draw a porcupine, before the last step, you will add the final details and the finishing touches to polish it.

As mentioned in the previous step, this is mainly about filling the empty space above the other pins.

Fill in this spot exactly as you did for the rest of the design, and your porcupine is ready for some paint!

Before proceeding with this step, make sure to add any additional details you want as well. For some ideas you could draw other animals or even a background.

Step 6

Now you can finish this porcupine drawing with some colors! For our sample image we chose a realistic color scheme as we mainly used some shades of brown with white stripes on the quills.

If you want to achieve a similar look, you can try watercolor paints because you can paint over the drawn lines and still see them. This is just one approach you can take, but there are many different ways to color this image!

Your Porcupine Drawing is Finished!

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