5 Top Event Registration and Ticketing Software That Can Be Leveraged

Event Registration

The event registration system can be a tedious task for most event planners. And they are constantly looking for new ways or for the best software to make the process streamlined. Finding an event registration app that is easy to use, flexible, and can help in accommodating all your event needs can require a lot of research. These apps should consist of features that not only enhance the registration and ticketing process. But also helps in enhancing the overall experience for the host and attendees.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of the best event registration and ticketing apps that can benefit your event. Additionally, we will also discuss some tips that a mobile event app should have to make it more streamlined.

Things to Look For in an Event App Before Selecting

The event industry is growing in popularity, and so is the competition between event organizers and service providers. They are always looking for the best ways to make the event experience better and more memorable for their clients. The new trend of mobile event apps for in-person events, hybrid events, or conferences is providing some great benefits to clients. These apps can help them in solving and streamlining the event management process. To help in simplifying the registrations for conferences, trade shows, music concerts, etc. these apps can be of great advantage. Below mentioned are some of the well researched tips and things that should be kept in mind before selecting the app.

It Should Have a Simplified Registration Process

The first step toward any event is to make a registration page that is easy to navigate. So an event app should be able to provide a registration form that is eye catching yet simple for the attendees. They should not feel any kind of inconvenience during the registration, and the app should provide professional and modern designs. The same goes for event ticketing apps should be able to give the attendees a simplified and secure experience.

Customization With Branding

When selecting an event app, it should be able to provide end-to-end customization according to your needs. Because it would be the face of your event, it should provide branding from logos to color, everything must be to your satisfaction. Because the last thing your brand need is an unattractive and complex hybrid event app that your attendees won’t use. With custom branding and designing, you can turn your event app into a comprehensive tool that will become a crucial part of your event strategy.

Better Event Management

By using a mobile event app, your event management process should be streamlined, and it should be able to provide you with better insights about your event. From ticketing to attendance and tracking, it should be able to provide all the analytics you need. Also, it should be able to ensure that all this data remains secure, so a better and more advanced IT system should be there. Event apps that are able to provide rich attendee and event data are perfect to calculate the ROI of your event.

Now Let’s Take a Step Forward and Look at the 5 Top Event Registration Apps

Now that you, have all the information and details of how you can select the right management and event registration app. Here are the best well researched recommendations that can help you in easing down the process.

#1 Dreamcast

If you are looking for the best end-to-end customization and fastest event registration system, then this is the best platform that can help you with an amazing event app. Dreamcast offers you a wide range of services like live-streaming, in-person, virtual, hybrid, webinars, mobile event apps, microsites, and much more. They are specialized in hosting and creating a seamless experience for the audience and easiness for organizers that best suits their needs in making a memorable experience. Additionally, they offer an array of event-tech services that can help in making any event dynamics interactive and engaging. With their help of them, you can host a scalable and value-added event, and with their dedicated and experienced project managers who can proactively lead the projects.

#2 vFairs

It is a one-stop event management solution that is powering all types of events. Their flexible solutions with features that are suitable for all event planning needs will help in creating a custom and virtual or in-person experience. With their robust event app that helps in enhancing your event with better management, registration, and networking. With their tailored customizations and scalable solutions, you can give an immersive experience to the attendees. Additional features like accountability, transparency, and tracking can help in making a great first impression.

#3 Webex Events

Webex Events (formerly Socio) specializes in flexible peer-to-peer virtual, in-person, and hybrid event solutions and experiences. From multitracking conferences to trade shows, their event technology is specifically designed to work very intuitively. They can help by providing an event app with customizations that will reflect your image and are the most suitable. Additionally, from registration to attendee tracking, they can help in providing excellent data to calculate event ROI. More additional features that they can provide are customer support, ticketing, integrations, live-streaming, and more.

#4 Whova

Wovha is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the attendees and streamline their experience. They specialize in providing all-in-one event management solutions that will make your event look modern and trendy. A simplified event registration system to help the attendee, it can attract more attention. Additionally, with their help, organizers can help save a lot of their time on event management. Their platform consists of an award winning mobile event app with features like efficient registrations, event marketing, and management tools.

#5 Hubilo

Hubilo is an amazing platform that can help in transforming the whole event experience for the attendee and hosts. They specialize in driving engagement first and foremost, which will increase event registration. With their customized solutions, they can help in delivering a great experience for the attendees with simplified registration. With their advance and customized event tech solutions, you can have an immersive experience. They also specialize in virtual events, which can give a memorable experience with their mobile event app. Additional features that they offer are live-streaming, customization, branding, webinars, hybrid events, and more.


The above-mentioned considerations are a must to look for while selecting an event app. They can provide some great advantages that can help in streamlining the event management process. The event registration system can be simplified using these platforms that will help your event achieve maximum ticketing. Although in the event industry, there are many service providers that can help in building an app and help in event management. But to choose the best event registration app, the above-listed providers are well researched and the most beneficial. This will help you in saving some time in searching for the best suitable platform for the event.

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