Health pally infer Scientific studies on the Effects of Olive oil

By admin Aug5,2023

So far so good, there are many scientific studies on the effects of olive oil and the health benefits of taking this nutritious oil.


Despite everything, research is still ongoing and there are regular new studies published online.


Many of these studies are particularly concerned with the effect of olive oil in the case of cancer and trust us here, our team will keep you posted whenever there’s an update to this research.


Effects of Olive oil on Cancer

A very interesting study from Greece which was conducted in 19 smaller studies, there are approximately 50,000 patients that were investigated.


Data from the different countries were collated in this study and weighed against each other.


The cancer patients had different types of cancer, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer and other cancers that are mentioned in the study.


It has been investigated whether the taking of olive oil makes a difference in cancer prevention and the prevention of tumours.


It quickly became clear that a healthy diet and the taking of olive oil make a big difference and that you can actually reduce the risk of cancer with regular consumption of olive oil, chaktty.


Not only can the formation of tumours be prevented with the intake of olive oil but can also be combated.


Also, the treatises and publications in Healthpally medical journals and the various authorities are also very interesting when one deals with the health benefits of olive oil.


In the medical journal, you can find an article that deals exactly with this topic. The headline is “Mediterranean diet with olive oil protects against breast cancer”.


This article also refers to a number of scientific studies. The article confirms that a healthy diet should be used to reduce the risk of cancer and use olive oil instead of other vegetable oil.


It is also pointed out that olive oil can not only prevent and combat cancer but is also recommended for general health.


Effects of Olive oil on Cardiovascular health


The cardiovascular system is favourably influenced by the increased consumption of olive oil, compared to conventional vegetable oil. 


An article from the International Olive Council is in any case also very interesting in this regard.


The various health determinants are discussed and well-known studies are considered, according to Akin chaktty.


Very interesting is the treatise on the advantage of olive oil for the cardiovascular system.


It is confirmed here that the olive oil lowers the cholesterol level and ensures that the vessels do not grease. This reduces the risk of a heart attack and some other problems.


If you are interested in the scientific studies on olive oil, you should also read what the Institute for Atherosclerosis Research writes at the Westphalian Wilhelms University.


The influence of a healthy diet with olive oil on heart health is also addressed there. 


Interestingly, the patient with hypertension in a change of diet and the replacement of conventional vegetable oils with olive oil can notice a big difference.


In doing so, vegetarians and people who prefer a Mediterranean diet with olive oil have better blood values and fewer problems with hypertension and heart disease.


This is definitely a good reason to give olive oil coupled with a healthy diet a chance.




There are many more studies supporting this claim online. The experience of consumers should also be taken into account as these can help you to better understand what health benefits olive oil actually has.

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